Food Prepping Lessons We Can Learn from the Venezuelan Crisis

The Citizens of Socialist Venezuela are starving to death. Mothers desperately dig through trash cans looking for scraps of food to help keep their families alive. Children search for wild fruit to stop their hunger. The average family in Venezuela is now lucky to get one full meal a day, and doctors are seeing starvation on a level they admit they haven’t seen in over forty years.

By giving the military control of the food supplies, President Maduro has pacified the military and kept them on his side, yet as the food trickles down through the ‘appropriate channels’ the people are still not getting fed. The Venezuelan people were relying on their Government to help them, but their president has turned a blind eye to the corruption, and refuses to take foreign aid.

Venezuelans are left to fend for themselves. They wait in line for hours for a meager amount of food they aren’t even guaranteed to get, and which they can barely afford, as the prices have become astronomical. People were depending on the Government to save them. How many people do you know who have that exact same attitude?  Well, they should look at Venezuela and see how its working for them.

Not sure exactly what great cataclysm to prepare for? A civil war? An Earthquake? An economic collapse? An EMP strike? A foreign invasion? The common denominator in most SHTF scenarios can, in many ways be summed up in one word: lack. 

There will be a Lack of food, a lack of medicine, a lack of gasoline, a lack of ammo, a lack of everything.

Start seeing the world through the eyes of the Venezuelan people, and learn what LACK looks like.  It’s time for the rest of the world to pay attention, because this is NOT going to get better, and it’s NOT going to end in Venezuela.  Europe is a boiling cauldron of political and social unrest.  The United States is in over 19 trillion dollars in debt, and is faced with a multitude of challenges both from within and without its borders.

If there is an economic collapse, there will be mass layoffs, shipping will virtually cease, store shelves will empty in a matter of hours, and no food will arrive to replace what’s gone.  If there is an earthquake, transportation will also come to a halt, and food will not get to the people. If there is a mass civil unrest, widespread looting, killing, and overall mass hysteria will ensue, and it will be too dangerous to leave your home to even try to get food.   As seen in Venezuela, food is one of the greatest commodities you can own.  Now is the time, while you still can, to sell the things you don’t need, and buy the things you do– like food.

You might be able to survive for a while without medicine, without gasoline, without a Bug Out Bag…. But without food and Water, you will not last more than a few days.

Where to Begin?

There are many highly reputable sites you can buy from, here are some sites and products we recommend: such as

Mountain House. One of oldest and most recognized brands in the US and Globally. Mountain House can be found across the US in almost every major outdoors store, or online. Click here for some of the mountain house products we recommend.

The Wise Company. Another staple American food brand, The Wise Company market more towards the prepping/survival community and design packages specifically for this purpose. You will get best value for your money here, ordering meals in bulk. Click here for some of their products we recommend:

Numanna. Numanna offer an excellent range of food and are great for the health-conscious prepper. Offering gluten free and organic options for those that way inclined. As with The Wise Company, we recommend buying in bulk to get maximum bang for your buck. Click here for our recommendations.

Food4Patriots. Interestingly, Food4Patriots offer a 300% money back guarantee. If you open your Food4Patriots meals anytime in the next 25 years and find your food has spoiled. Although ordering has to be done through phone, from their catalog, they are another great company that stand by their products.

My Patriot Supply. The guys over at My Patriot Supply have another great operation going. In addition to food and survival supplies, they offer a wide range of survival seeds, enabling you to not only stock food, but also the capability to grow your own and increase your self-sustainability. Click here for our recommendations of food purchases from My Patriot Supply.

The sites are easy to buy from, and they will ship the food right to your door.  These foods have up to a 25-year shelf life, and are easy to store, without the worry some home-canned foods can cause, such as glass mason jars that can easily break if knocked over. (Keep that in mind when considering where you live, if the possibility of an earthquake might be a reality).

Costco, Sam’s Club, and other wholesale food markets carry large bulk items, and some have recently started carrying emergency food-type items like the ones offered by the other online food supply companies.  Don’t forget your local Army-Navy surplus store either, as they carry MRE’s (and other cheap but valuable survival items) at a discount.  Just be sure to check the expiration dates on MRE’s and make sure you understand them, as they are written in a different format, which usually don’t make sense to most non-military personnel.

Once you’ve sold the things you don’t need, (you can’t eat that Fendi purse) use the money to buy enough food for you and your family to live at least three months, preferably longer of course.

After you have your food, consider the following tips:

Don’t Tell Anyone That You Have Been Prepping. Or how much extra food you keep stored at your home for that matter. You don’t want to be ‘that guy’, who everyone bands together to go loot when they are starving, because you couldn’t help but brag about how much food you canned, and arranged in alphabetical order on your basement shelves.  Starving people are desperate and are capable of anything.  Read the true account of the Donner Party for a dose of reality. Read about the violence, looting, riots and murders taking place NOW in Venezuela, because people are desperate to get food.

Don’t Keep All Your Food in One Place. That’s great that you have a significant amount of food and water stored up, but what happens if you find yourself having to unwilling part with your food? Consider what you would do if your food was taken from you at some point.  Then what?  Have a few secret places, no one else knows about, where you store the rest of your survival food.

Rotate Your Stored Food.  Check canned goods for heavy rust that may betray a breach in the integrity of the can.  If the lid and bottom of the can look swollen, or you can push them in and out easily, it’s probably a safe bet they’ve gone bad.  Also, be sure to listen for the sound of air escaping when you sink that can opener into the can, or that ‘pop’ sound when you unscrew the lid off a jar or bottle.  Always smell the food from cans before eating it, and look for any odor that may seem ‘off’.

Don’t Be Afraid to Hide Your Food.  Imagine you are part of an invading army that goes from house to house confiscating food.  You go straight to the pantry, the basement, the cupboards, the refrigerator. You also check the garage. Maybe you check the bedrooms during your sweep, just to make sure.  You move on to the next house. You probably didn’t look under the doghouse, right?  Catch my drift?

If You Have a Bug Out Location, Think About Stashing Food Along Your Route. If you need to walk to your BOL, and can only carry a few days’ worth of food and water on you, think of strategic places you could store some along the way. If your BOL is 200 miles away and you are forced to walk instead of drive, it could realistically take you two weeks to get there. What if you can’t carry two weeks’ worth of food on you, or you run out of water along the way?  What if you can’t find a water source after you’ve run out of water on day 4? That stash of food you find on day 5 could be the difference between life and death.

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