Great Ideas for Every Prepping Budget

Each of us has our own unique life circumstances and budgets to adhere to.  Some people have a lot of discretionary income (for the time being) while others have barely enough to scrape by each month.  The staff of The Survival Domain firmly believe that doing what you can while you still can is always better than doing nothing at all.

We can always assure those who are looking to prepare for the worse, that nothing is going to happen exactly the way we might imagine it, so fretting over the fact that you don’t own $13,000 worth of Mil-Spec night vision or a Barrett .50 Cal. might feel discouraging for some people… but our advice is to look at what you can do. Start there, don’t get overwhelmed, and feel a little better tonight knowing that you did something to better prepare you and your family for whatever is to come.

Most preppers agree (at least to some degree) that buying a weapon to defend yourself is just as important, if not more important as storing food.  The cold hard fact is that without a weapon to defend yourself, your home, and your family, nothing else you do own will matter, as someone with a weapon(s) can (and will) come and take it from you.  We highly suggest starting there. Make sure you have plenty of ammo to feed your guns as well, as they will only be effective if they are loaded.  After that, water and food.  That includes a way to clean and filter water, both at home and on the go.  Medical equipment and first aid is essential, then survival equipment, such as you would need for a camping trip.  Warm clothes, and good walking shoes fall within that sub category, and then the gold an and silver and other valuables that would withstand the tanking of the dollar, (which is inevitable). Here are some immediate suggestions of things you can buy today to get started.  Those who are completely new to prepping, or just a little confused about what else they may need, can use these ideas to help spur them into action, and feel more confident during these unpredictable times.

Things to Pick up Today for….


A Lighter

A Squirt Bottle (for personal hygiene)

Glow Stick

Disposable Poncho or Raincoat


Hand Sanitizer

Discount Pens

Discount Books, Sudoku, crossword puzzles (morale boosters)

Small Note Pad/Sticky Pad

Signal Mirror


Wet Wipes

Travel Tooth Paste/Tooth Brush/Dental Floss

Camo Facepaint

Cotton T-Shirt


Baking Soda

Band Aids/ Gauze

Alcohol Wipes

24 Pack of Bottled Water

Screwdriver Set

Duct Tape

Extra Can Opener

Nail Clippers

Playing Cards




Extra Batteries

Pepper Spray or Mace

Long Burning Candles

Freeze Dried Food for your BOB

A Gas Can

An Extra Blanket

BPA-Free Water Bottle

Mosquito Repellant

Fire Starter Cubes

First Aid Survival How-to Books

Emergency Survival Shelter


Gas Station Map of Local Area

Water Purification Tablets


Emergency Dental Kit

Powdered Milk

Potassium Idodine Tablets



 Life Straw

LED Camping Lantern

Paracord Survival Bracelet  with Compass

Individual Vacuum Packed Food Servings

Mess Kit

LED Cap Light

Quik-Clot for Bleeding

Swiss Army Knife

Multi Vitamins/Vitamin C

Tactical Pen for Self Defense

Stun-Gun with Flashlight

Ear Protection

Shemegh ( or Pack of Bandanas)

Water BOB

Fire Starter Kit

Field Manual on Foraging for Food

Toilet in a Bag Kit

Survival Sewing Kit



Travel First Aid Kit

Mini Water Filtration System

Survival Knife

Pepper Spray for Hikers

Emergency Mini Sleeping Bag

Multi Tool

Survival Fishing Kit

Pocket Hand Chain Saw

Mosquito Netting

Butane Cooking Stove

Stun Gun

Butane Stove


Nuclear War Survival Book

Personal Radiation Detector


Survival Seeds



Field Survival Shovel 

A Decent Sleeping Bag

Emergency Radio

Energy Bars

Bug Out Bag

Dome Tent



Mini Ham Radio

Quality Thermal Underwear

Fish Antibiotics/Penicillin

Solar Cell Phone Charger

Rugged Outdoor Pants/Clothing



Tactical Backpack

Freeze Dried Food Pouches for a Week for BOB

Walkie Talkies

Tactical Flashlight

Portable Gas Stove

Case of Emergency Food Bars


Grab and Go Family Bucket of Food



Extra Ammunition

Hiking Boots

Case of Long Term Food Supply

Machete Survival Tool

Tee Pee -Type Tent

Propane Grill

Leatherman Super tool


Portable Toilet

Bulk Ammo

Ham Radio Transceiver

Family Radiation Detector Kit

Gas Mask

Self Defense Classes

Portable Generator

High-Grade Field Medical kit

Plate Carrier with Plates

Air Gun/ Rifle for small game



Case of Ammo

Portable Generator

Home Water Filtration Kit

Concealed Carry Class/License

*.22 Caliber Hand Gun

*Rifle for Small Game



 Night Vision

Amateur Ham Radio Kit

Armored Vest

*Hand Gun/Rifle



Generator/Solar Power

Family Sized Tent

Emergency Medical Class

Bulk Family Supply of Food



American Silver Eagles (Silver)

*Semi Automatic weapons/guns

Night Vision


Family Sized Tent/Shelter



Get out of debt

Gold and Silver

Land for Burying Stuff/Training/Escape

*Rifles/Weapons for Family + Training

*Pay a visit to your local firearms dealer and be completely honest with them about your gun knowledge (or lack thereof) and what you intend to use your weapons for.  (Hunting, self-defense, home invasion, concealed carry, etc..)  Not only will they appreciate your honesty, but most gun shops are very friendly, and will be very happy to help you to choose the very best gun for  your specific needs. Having the right firearms will pay big dividends when you need to utilize them in a given scenario.

No Money at ALL????

You can still prepare.  The following things are FREE and you can start doing them today.

Get organized.  We guarantee that there are things tucked away in your closets, garage, basement and under your bed that you forgot you have.  Give away or sell the things you don’t need, to make room for the things you WILL NEED. Rotate your food supply and throw out expired goods.  Make a list of things you need and keep it handy. Start crossing off the things on the list, one by one.

Keep your place clean.  When your water is turned off, you don’t want to have 3 days worth of dirty dishes stacked in the kitchen sink, a full trash can and a filthy toilet.  Imagine the smell on day 7, when it’s too late to clean, your toilets won’t flush, and the flies start collecting around those dirty dishes.   Go to bed every night assuming that the next day you will be without water and electricity, and maintain your living quarters accordingly.

Quit smoking and put the money you would have spent on those nasty cigarettes into a jar. Depending on how much you smoke, at the end of one year, that jar could contain over $1,000. Imagine how much prepping gear you can buy with that.

Learn a skill.  Read books on how to administer First Aid.  Learn how to perform CPR.

Find out what food you can forage from the local terrain.  Learn how to plant crops, or filter water.   Watch a Training/Philosophy video on YouTube.  Those with knowledge, skills and know-how will be very valuable after a collapse.

Download your important documents onto a hard drive to keep with you.  If the internet goes down, and/or you are forced to leave your home for an extended period of time, you’ll feel better knowing you still have those important documents and family memories with you.

Memorize a favorite bible verse or motivational passage.  When things get bad, focusing on something inspirational can boost one’s morale, and help calm and focus the mind on what is important.  Many people have gotten through almost impossible situations by focusing on their faith.

Write contact information down. Too many people have their friends and family’s information in their cell phones, but nowhere else.  Most people don’t have their family’s cell phone numbers memorized.  Have a notebook with important information and numbers and keep it in your bug out bag.

Discuss the use of code words with your family. Agreeing on code words that you only you and your family know, as well as secret meeting places are vital to staying connected in a crisis.  Families will need to be on the same page now more than ever, and having a plan for various situations will help immensely when all communications go down.

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